Thursday, 26 April 2012

A Right Royal Life Map!

We love a little Royalty here at Illustries – we had such a great time celebrating the Royal Wedding last year and we’re already prepared for the Jubilee! And we’ve been working on our Illustries Life Map recently – it’s so popular at the moment – that in a second of madness we decided to combine the two in a 1st anniversary tribute to William and Kate.

Now the Life Map is a ‘flow chart’ of a relationship, a tongue in cheek way of charting the journey from childhood to Happy Ever After. Each map is hand drawn in style, and we add some funny and enlightening notes to bring the whole thing to life. It’s designed to be the perfect celebration of love, with more than a little bit of a twist.

So to celebrate this very special first anniversary – it is traditionally ‘paper,’ after all – we’ve charted one of the world’s most well-known relationships: Prince William and the former Catherine Middleton. Starting with their childhoods, the Map takes you through the university days of St Andrews and on to the hopes of the nation, even including the hiccup that had us all worried for a while. Moments like ‘that’ fashion show, William carrying his mother’s engagement ring in his rucksack, and a spin on the waiting that Kate was alleged to have endured all make an appearance, naturally offset with our trademark cheeky comments.
Now we’re sure that the Royal couple would want a few tweaks, but the Right Royal Life Map is winging it’s way to Clarence House this morning – we think it will make the perfect gift if Prince Harry has forgotten the occasion!
We originally created the Life Map as just one page in our Avant Garde Illustry (and it’s still there!), but it has quite literally taken on a life of it’s own in the past few weeks – we’ve crafted some gorgeous examples for Vicki & Pietro and Rhys & Michelle, among others. Both couples put their Life Maps on display at their reception, telling us that guests were engrossed – well, the maps certainly got them talking! And what better lasting memory of your big day?

Take a look at the details right here:

Your very own unique Illustries Life Map is waiting, available exclusively from us at £275 – order now by calling 0845 468 1610 or email us at

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